Nimborio village (harbor): Enjoy long walks in the cobblestone alleys, visit the Old Clock and the Town Hall of Halki, and the three windmills with magnificent view. Walk around the Piazza, the heart of the village, and enjoy your meal or a drink in one of the cafes and restaurants.

Convents (Monasteries) visits: Use the shuttle bus or the local taxi to visit the island's most famous convents, such as Ag. Ioannis Alargas and Ag. Ioannis Kontas.

After crossing the whole island (from East to West) you will realize how tough and rocky the whole scenery is, with rocks in different formations resembling planted vegetables or trees!

The monastery celebrates on August 29 in honor of the Saint, a festival is held every year on the 28th of August with traditional music and food in the open space of the monastery.

Traditional House of Halki: Located in Nimborio, it operates as a folklore museum where visitors can experience the traditional way of life in Halki in the old times.

Alimnia island: Alimnia is an island that used to be inhabited by the people of Halki until 1973. During World War II, its natural harbor was used as a submarine base by the Italian Navy.

Crystal blue water and beautiful walks around the harbor will charm you and provide you with an unforgettable experience.