Harbor: You can anytime swim in the «natural swimming pool» of the harbor (there are several «access points» a few meters from the villa). Being always calm, the harbor is the ideal spot for canoe and SUP lovers

Pondamos: A typical mediterranean beach, 10-minute walk from the villa or use the shuttle bus if you are not very fond of walking. Sun beds, sandy beach and a beach bar and restaurant for a break from the suntanning.

Ftenagia: 10-minute walk from the villa (the shuttle bus is again an option). Sunbeds, ideal for snorkeling, and a restaurant on the beach for some ouzo and «meze».

Kania: The beach bar and the restaurant attracts the majority of the island's population.
Walking there will take you around 30-40 minutes, so it is more convenient to take the shuttle bus (about 10 minutes drive), or -even better- the boat of captain Yannis from the main harbor going very frequently every day