Beaches, Sightseeing, Fishing, Hiking, Boat rides and more


Harbor: You can anytime swim in the «natural swimming pool» of the harbor (there are several «access points» a few meters from the villa). Being always calm, the harbor is the ideal spot for canoe and sup lovers.



Discover Nimborio village (harbor): Enjoy long walks in the cobblestone alleys, visit the Old Clock and the Town Hall of Halki, and the three windmills with magnificent view. Walk around the Piazza, the heart of the village, and enjoy your meal or a drink in one of the cafes and restaurants.



Please consult us to arrange an unforgettable fishing ride with one of the local boats any day of the week.


Discover the charming sea bed of Halki with Chalki's Dive Center (

Boat rentals

You can even rent your own boat (driving permit not needed) to enjoy full flexibility on cruising around the island.



You can visit the old village on the top of the hill, lying like a ghost town on the feet of the castle. The village (an Unesco monument today) was populated till 1965, but some of the abandoned houses are already under reconstruction.

Then, you can climb up to the castle (built 800 years ago to protect the Halkians from the pirates of the Aegean Sea) for a journey back in time and a bird's eye view on the whole island, as well as the neighbor islands (Rhodes, Alimnia, Tilos and even Karpathos).

Every year on the 14th of August, a festival with traditional music and food takes place in honor of Panagia (Virgin Mary) who celebrates on August 15.


Boat trips

There are a few isolated beaches around the island (Trahia, Aretta and 2 Gyali), ideal for a private swimming experience. You can visit them almost daily with captain Yannis (check weekly schedules in the main port).

Once you are there, you can enjoy some snorkeling dives as well. If you prefer a full day trip, you can take the «round of the island» tour.


Restaurants and Cafe-Bars

There is a great variety of restaurants and coffee bars that can offer you plenty of choices if you wish to go out for either a morning or afternoon drink or lunch and dinner.