things to do in Halki

A trip to Halki is a trip to history. The people of Halki are mainly fishermen. This becomes immediately obvious with all the colorful fishing boats anchored all around the port. Between April and October, the visitors can find a couple of grocery stores, a traditional bakery and a few taverns. You will have the opportunity to eat fresh fish and the world famous “garidaki” (tiny shrimps) and to taste the most delicious thyme-honey in the country.

Even during wintertime, that the local population decreases drastically, the tranquility and relaxing feeling that the visitor gets, remains unforgettable!

You can walk around the narrow stone streets with the boucambillies or you can even walk up to the “ old village”, visit the castle and the Byzantine church of Virgin Mary. The church has a big feast on August 15th, lasting for two consecutive nights. On the eve, the whole island gathers up on the castle hill, eating and dancing traditional dances all night long. The same party is repeated on the 15th down on the island’s harbor (called “piazza” by the locals)

The biggest religious feast on the island takes place on August 29th for “Saint John Alarga”. As on the 15th, the eve of St. John’s day a big celebration takes place at a remote monastery up on the mountains on the west side of the island. On the 29th, the whole island -including a few hundreds of visitors- say their cheerful goodbyes to August, the busiest month of the year.

Swimming in the crystal clear aquamarine water around the port and the various small beaches scattered in the island is an experience you should not miss. And if you are adventurous enough, take a boat ride around the island or explore further the nearby island of Alimnia, with its beautiful natural harbor, used as a submarine base from the Italians during II World War. Alimnia was inhabited by Halki people up to 1973.