how to get to Halki

Halki is near Rodos Island and it is connected with regular schedule with the ferry boat PREVELIS every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. The trip from Rodos port to Halki with PREVELIS lasts about two hours long.

The same ferry “PREVELIS” from Piraeus to Halki takes around 24 hours since she cruises virtually throughout the Aegean. (Recommended for those who don’t suffer from sea-sickness…) Speed boats (catamaran type) leave Rodos every Tuesday and Thursday and arrive to Halki after one hour and a half.

In addition, small local vessels travel from Kamiros to Halki every day. Kamiros is a small port on the west coast 35 km from Rodos (45 min drive) and 20 km from the airport (25 min drive). The trip lasts 1 h 15min approx. This schedule is served by the ships “NISOS HALKI” and “NIKOS EXPRESS”. Another ship, the newly built “FAIDON”, makes the trip in 45 mins. In addition to the scheduled itineraries there are some extra ones during high season. (You can check in advance by contacting the ship captains).

Finally, the taxi-boat “Kazantzidis” travels occasionally from Halki to Kamiros (30 min ride) and it is also available for hiring.